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Whereas most people gain their basic education from college and the classroom, I could not wait to see and learn new things first hand. I joined the Navy out of high school, attended several engineering based courses of study including the Navy's nuclear power school, the Gas Turbine Systems school and put that training to use "Haze gray and Underway" for 12 years and across four different warships from Frigate size to Cruiser..

Throughout my 15 year Naval career I gained valuable skills such as how to fight a fire out in the middle of nowhere, how to fuel a helicopter while it hovers over your deck, how to lead and operate quickly and effectively under immediate and intense pressure in a multitude of conditions, managing up to forty sailors in daily maintenance and troubleshooting, and of course, how to walk on the walls during heavy seas without killing myself.

Personal Computers came of age during my Navy career. I have been involved with them since my first Commodore VIC-20 and discovered a certain sensitivity, awareness and tolerance of their operation and gravitating to the software side.

I like being able to learn new skills on the fly, as needed, so for the last 10 years I have turned increasingly to reputable online training sources like, Digital-Tutors, Udemy, and AppleU video podcasts from MIT & Stanford to gain the active knowledge that I need.

Like it, or not, the speed with which the digital landscape has changed (and continues to change) does not really allow for slow, plodding courses of instruction (built years prior) over several semesters only to have the information be out of date by the time you are ready to put it to use. One needs to be updating their skill set continuously; and I do.

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Personal qualities
  • Effective problem solver
  • Tactful and patient communicator
  • Good team player
  • Loyal to the company
  • Success motivated
  • Creative & hard working
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most engaging jobs
gratifying studies
  • Log Data Technician
    Oct 2005 – Feb 2015
    Schlumberger Petrotechnical Services  

    This job title was a wholly inadequate description for the scope of the projects I got a chance to engage with. During my time with Schlumberger I completed many digital projects having to do with streamlining the Data Analysis process. Writing utility applications utilizing various programming languages to condense process time, performing rigorous quality assurance checks on large data sets received from the field prior to being used in an interpretive function, managing archive tasks for the same datasets and creating report writing mechanisms for digital products are but a few of the tasks I was able to take from concept to completion.

  • Motion Capture Specialist, 3D artist, animator
    Oct 1999 – Nov 2002
    Foxton Labs LLC  

    Designed, created and animated characters and objects using Maya 3.0 and Kaydara Filmbox on an SGI O2 workstation driven by a magnetic motion capture system. Setup and execution of render jobs on a Silicon Graphics Onyx 3400 Supercomputer with an Infinite Reality Graphics Engine.

  • Lenticular Digital Prepress
    1997 – 1999
    Raymond Enterprises  

    Raymond Enterprises produced sport cards in multiple material types. They were one of the first companies to print on lenticular plastic giving the athlete the look of movement as you rotated the card back and forth. Using Photoshop 3.0 and it's Action abilities, I streamlined the digital process to produce the images that make up the final lenticular image.

  • Machinist
    1980 – 1982
    U.S. Navy  

    During the early part of my Navy career I was assigned to Maintenance and Support division at the Submarine Base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Operated lathes, mills and assorted other machines making replacement parts for the engineering plants of the submarines assigned to that base. High quality materials, high tolerances, very detailed quality assurance procedures. Very gratifying work in an ideal location and at a very young age.

  • N52872
    Jun 2005
    Denver International Airport, Colorado

    KAPA-KDEN-KAPA | Melinda Hiigel (2756071 CFI 03/05) Landing at one of the US's largest airports, at night, while training in a Cessna 172. Mesmerizing lights, lots of radio work, waaaaay to much runway.

  • World History
    Various Times
    Various Places

    Checkpoint Charlie, Berlin | Palace at Knossos, Heraklion | Leaning Tower, Pisa | Cathedral de Notre Dame, Paris | 600NM from shore, Atlantic Ocean –– The strength of actually being there. Walking in the footsteps of history. Visualizing what was seen and said.

  • Biology
    May 2000
    Red Rocks Community College, Colorado

    Cellular actions, mitochondria and the nucleus. Here is the science that reinforced my belief and faith in God, as an adult.

  • Current Events
    Sep 1990
    Vladivostok, USSR

    First port visit by US since the end of WWII, while serving aboard the USS Princeton (CG-59). At the time, Vladivostok was the home of the USSR Pacific fleet. The Princeton and the Reuben James (FFG-57) were escorted, via gunboat, to a dock where we spent the next two days. During our stay we performed meet and greets with our Russian counterparts, were given tours of their ships in port (and with unprecedented access) and got to meet the local population. In groups of two (at a minimum) we went ashore. As we left the main gate of the base, we were met with throngs of Russian civilians. I don't think we got 50 feet from the gate before we had rings of people several rows deep asking us questions about the US through some of the people who spoke english. Questions such as "How many houses do you own?" or "What kind of cars do you drive?" were common. The Soviet Union had lost 6 republics that year alone and were just about to lose another in Georgia and the sentiment seemed to be that the Russian people were ready to 'flip' to a democratic way of life. They mostly didn't understand how long and difficult that road was going to be, and that those people of that time, would be working for the democracies that their children would inherit, not specifically them.

  • Chris has an ability to put together customized workflows that are easy to understand, often with components that are available at little or no cost. Perhaps his crowning achievement was solving our printing problems at zero cost when a consultant had already spent over $100K on licenses for a complex solution that no one else was willing to use. A great worker who needed little supervision and got great results.

  • I've known Chris for about 4 years. Not only is he capable and trustworthy, but he's probably one of the hardest working, self-sacrificing individuals I've ever met. I'd highly recommend him not only for his well-honed skill sets but because he is a conscientious team player who will always give 110%.

  • Having been Chris’ manager for 2.5 years I can attest to his strong set of technical, soft, and public speaking skills that are applicable for virtually any business. While Chris is highly technical and detail oriented, his ability to distill the information and remain poised while speaking is impressive. During the years that I managed and worked with Chris, he has proven himself to be a loyal and dedicated professional. His strengths include attention to detail, creativity, and excellent written and verbal communication skills. He is hard‐working and a team player and is a valued part of any company he works for.

  • Chris has excellent communication skills, is extremely organized and reliable. He can work independently and is able to follow through to ensure that the job gets done. Always quick to volunteer to assist in other areas of company operations, Chris would be a tremendous asset to any company and has my high recommendation.

  • Chris showed great adaptability when we worked together. His ability to find and evaluate the best technology to address a given problem, and then master that technology was impressive. All round, Chris was self sufficient, quick to learn and reliable and it was a pleasure to work with him.

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    Senior Well Integrity Lead at Schlumberger
  • Debbie Scott

    Business Development and Communications Specialist, Ch E, MBA
  • Brian Dupuis

    US Land PL Business Development Manager at Schlumberger
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